The Truth about Motivation

Motivation is absolute bliss. It’s that euphoric energy that makes you feel like you can face all your demons, lose 10 pounds and conquer the world overnight. Motivation is electric, inspiring and powerful. So what’s the problem? Motivation isn’t exactly reliable.

That’s right, everything you thought you knew about motivation was a bit of a lie.

We’ve been taught to believe that motivation gets the job done and that it is the key to achieving our goals. While motivation can get the juices flowing, it doesn’t guarantee longevity or that our desired outcome will be met in the first place. The reason is because motivation is an emotion. Emotions are extremely volatile and often come and go without warning. Emotions are also primarily triggered by external factors which takes the control out of your hands.

Feeling motivated typically appears when we are faced with some sort of dissatisfaction in our lives. For example, most of us have experienced looking in the mirror and not being happy with our physique and then having an overwhelming sense of determination to get up early the next day to hit the gym. We go to be bed full of hope, but the next morning the alarm goes off and we find ourselves hitting snooze and skipping the gym to sleep in.

Motivation works best when it has a partner. This partner is called discipline.

The reason discipline is important is because most of the time motivation simply does not show up. We may feel pretty pumped after watching an inspiring YouTube video, listening to our favorite podcast or having a pep talk with our best friend, but these moments aren’t always possible. This is when we must lean on self discipline for support.

Discipline is sparked by internal factors which puts you back in control. The beauty of self discipline is that it allows you follow through with tasks you aren’t motivated to do or in other words tasks you don’t feel like doing such as getting up at 5 am and going to the gym. We must create habits and routines that align with our desired goals. That way when your old pal motivation gets a bit flaky you won’t be forced to suffer.


4 thoughts on “The Truth about Motivation

  1. Sabrina says:

    I never thought about motivation like this until now. You’re onto something. It really does require disciplinary. Thanks for helping me understand why just being motivated doesn’t work.

    Liked by 1 person

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